Shocked by his news

Dear Aunty

I have been in love with my boyfriend for two years now and he is planning on marrying me soon. He recently confessed to me that he has a daughter from his previous marriage, which he never told me about either. I am in shock to try and believe that he has a daughter and that he was once married. I do not know how his past relationship ended and I just don’t know if ours will not end as well. Please help. – Bee

Dear Bee

I understand how shocking it is for you to find out that detail, especially after two years in a relationship. Your man took long to tell you about this but I am sure it was not easy on his part.

I take it to mean he is very serious about you. For him to reveal that detail it means he now trusts you and is much more serious about you.

If you are concerned to know how his past marriage ended there is nothing wrong in asking him. But I do doubt if how his failed marriage ended can affect your relationship. If it didn’t work in the past for him it does not mean he will remain a failure.

Just make sure to keep loving and trusting him. More importantly, try to love his daughter like she was your own. A lot of women lose it when they take it on the kid to pay for the past evils of their man’s failed marriage. It is in loving that kid that God will bless you more in your relationship. You will also see your man loving you more for that.

Whatever goes on in your mind you need to sit down with your man and talk to him. If there are questions you need answered it is best you ask him. Be clear about your relationship and where you are going so that there won’t be any confusion or rumours to separate you two in future. – Aunty Lisa

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