Desperate for a son

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a married woman with five daughters. The youngest one is five months old. My husband does not appreciate them because they are girls and he wants us to try another baby to look for a boy. We had initially planned to have three kids and when we had them all girls he kept insisting that we keep trying for a boy. He is an extremely traditional man who says he wants a son to carry his name when he is dead. How can I convince him to stop this madness and appreciate the daughters God gave us? – Mrs Girls

Dear Mrs Girls

I understand what you are going through. Most men lose it when they tend to see baby boys as a perfect gift from God and overlook a baby girl. They want a son who will indeed carry their name as women tend to adopt their husbands’ surnames when they get married. But really, what’s in a name? Of course I understand the pride that goes with it, but that is not a good reason to overlook a daughter and consider oneself as a man without kids just because there is no son.

You both need proper family planning otherwise you will end up with a girls’ cricket team and find life difficult trying to raise them. I don’t like the word “try” when he says he wants you to keep “trying for a boy.”

These are life-changing decisions. It is not like you can delete a pregnancy when you find out it’s another girl. You are making kids. Will you be able to take care of and love them without neglecting them? It is obviously your husband who needs help and it is important that you involve his family members whom he respects. You will need to know where they stand on the issue before approaching them. Your husband needs to have a professional explain to him that just because he keeps on having babies does not mean he will eventually get a baby boy – so visit a doctor who can explain it properly. He needs to start appreciating his girls because there are many couples praying hard to have a child and they cannot. – Aunty Lisa

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