She’s so lazy

Dear Aunty Lisa

My brother’s wife is so lazy. I am always hurt to see my brother running around to serve us food when we visit their home. He even cooks for his family. The wife hardly does anything. Most of the times she is playing childish games with their kids. We are beginning to suspect that our brother was given some sort of love potion to dance to his wife’s commands. I don’t know if we should approach my brother or his wife to solve this. May you please advise? Thanks. – Tete Dee

Dear Tete Dee

You are imagining that there is a problem where I don’t see one. Only when your brother complains is when you can say he has a problem, for as long as he is doing things for his wife without complaining to you it means they both like it that way. Find something else to worry your mind with – rather than something you are not sure of.

If your brother enjoys cooking then he should be able to do that in his own home without worrying that his sisters will think he is doing so because of some love potion? Playing “childish games” with children is not a waste of time as you see it. It is an important part of raising kids that is usually underrated. Kids need to grow up interacting with their parents and it will help to build their confidence.

Do not think your sister-in-law has no better things to do when she does that. You need to appreciate her. Do not only look at the negative things she does, there must be something she is good at. You will not see it if you are always looking with a negative lens. Playing with her kids is a great example to show what an awesome mother she is. – Aunty Lisa

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