What do real women do?

Dear Aunty Lisa

My mother-in-law hates the fact that I live in the capital together with my husband where he works. She wants me to stay with her in their rural home claiming that, “that’s what I know real women do.”

She grew up in that set-up, with her husband coming to see her and the kids once or twice a year and she wants that for me. My husband respects his mother but he does not agree with her on that one. I just don’t understand why she is so jealous. What should I do? – Mrs M

Dear Mrs M

Yes your mother-in-law is a bit jealous of the set-up you grew up and got married in. She probably envies you for living the life she wished for during her young age. But if your husband knows where to draw the line in listening to her advice, why should you worry? Learn to respect her as your husband’s mother just as you expect your husband to respect your own mother.

Do not let her ideas affect how you feel about her. She is just exercising her freedom of expression and speech. That should not bother you so long what she says is not implemented. Otherwise you will disappoint your husband who understands that he needs you close. – Aunty Lisa

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