Mutare Bottling Co quashes rumours of mass lay-offs

Mutare Bottling Company managing director Allen Lang has dismissed claims that the drinks manufacturer is facing operational challenges and redundancies.

Lang said the employees who are alleged to have been laid off were contract workers hired to boost production during the summer season when demand was high. Mutare Bottling, which is operating at 35 per cent capacity, started with 79 contract workers at the beginning of the year – a number, which has been reduced to 66. The company has 323 workers including 257 permanent staffers.

As one of the biggest employers in the eastern region, workers panicked when rumours of a mass retrenchment drive emerged. Lang categorically stated that the allegations were not true.

“Our business is a seasonal business that takes on additional workers during the summer months when demand for our product is high and when we need to boost production. They are taken on for a fixed period and, once the contracts expire towards the end of summer or beginning of winter, they are not renewed because of the drop in demand for our products,” said Lang.

He went on to reveal that they are now engaged in taking on additional contract staff once again for the summer season, and that the company is investing in improving its operations.

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