Greedy and Selfish

Dear Auntie Lisa

I’m a 32-year old businesswoman in a relationship about to turn into marriage. I am so crazy about this man but I am very worried about some of the things he does, such as how loving he can be one minute then cold the next minute. He constantly asks for details of my business that I feel he shouldn’t ask. Also, he constantly asks me for money in very manipulative ways, sends me Please Call Me SMSs rather than call and will ask to make calls from my phone instead of using his own. He is just so greedy and selfish. When I ask him for something he has an excuse, cannot do it or becomes sarcastic. How do I marry someone like this and be with him for the rest of my life? – Miss Independent

Dear Miss Independent

You should not even consider a relationship with this man – he is an abuser and a manipulator. The only reason he is with you is to access whatever you have for the betterment of himself.

He shows you love when he wants to emotionally manipulate you to meet a need he has and then becomes cold to make you feel rejected so that you can meet his need, in order for him to show you love again. Walk away and define new expectations when meeting potential partners.

You do not need a man to take care of, what you need is a partner who is a friend and a caring man who is there to inspire you. A man with dreams, vision and someone who is a go getter will be great for you. He will be there to inspire you and you will be his reason to keep going. You are an empowered woman who needs someone to fuel your fire and not pour water on it. – Auntie Lisa

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