I want her back

Dear Aunty Lisa

I broke up with my girlfriend six months ago but now I miss her and really want her back. When we met for the first time after six months last week she accepted my invitation for a date. It’s funny how I am finding myself new to the whole situation, it feels like the first time we are going on a date and it’s not easy for me. How should I go about it and make sure this time we get it right? – Jojo

Dear Jojo

Getting back together after a fight or break up always brings a nice feeling. But it is important to recall the reasons why you break up the first time and consider how you will solve them to avoid another separation.

Talk your problems through, apologise to each other and avoid disappointments. Once you and your partner have agreed to what changes should be made and how you will improve your relationship, stick to them! If you do not respect and follow the new agreements, you will find yourselves arguing about the same issues all over again.

Take it one step at a time. Obviously the two of you agreed to get back together because you wish to give your relationship another chance. You both are willing to work at it, so do not feel the need to rush into things.

Making up after a long separation is more sensitive, you are practically starting from scratch. Talk about what happened, why you broke up and why you both feel making up was the right decision. Go out on dates and get to know each other again. Do something romantic for one another as much as you can, to rekindle the feelings and the reasos you fell in love in the first place.

And while you are at it, always remember what caused you to separate in the first place and avoid getting into those situations again. Good Luck. – Aunty Lisa

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