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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a big eater and my family hates it a lot. I realise how much I am an expense to them when I eat a lot, but sometimes I just cannot help it. I feel hungry a lot and when I eat I am hardly full, when I am full I will not go for two hours without munching something. Am I normal? – Star

Dear Star

I think there must be something wrong with your system if you need to eat every two hours. You do not say whether you are a big person or not so it is difficult to know what to suggest.

But being hungry so often is not healthy. You need to make sure you are not eating unhealthy food. There are some filling foods like oatmeal – you should try eating that every day for breakfast.

But I advise you to see a dietician or nutritionist to get to the bottom of your problem. It is possible you could have intestinal parasites or worms . That is quite common and can cause this.

You could have picked it up anywhere – from dogs, cats or even just ordinary soil in the garden. Ask your family to support you while trying to embark on a healthy diet. You need them to encourage you rather than discouraging you. – Aunty Lisa

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