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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a young teenage girl living with my stepfather. He is not formally employed so he has lot of free time. He often comes home around lunchtime, the time l get back from school. He pays me a lot of compliments like “you look like your mother only that you are more beautiful than she is.”

I used to smile at it until he recently started making comments about my breasts. I don’t trust him any more and I have since started coming home late. I camp at my friend’s house and leave late to get home by the time my mom is there. My mother seems in love with him and he helps her with my fees and everything. I am not sure if l am panicking for nothing. I need your advice on what to do because I am now uncomfortable with him around. – Teenage girl

Dear Teenage girl

I am sorry for this sad development. Yes you have done the right thing by avoiding your stepfather. You are a very brave girl. Your stepfather is not someone you can trust. His motives may not be known but his behaviour is unacceptable.

Your mother needs to know about this. Of course she cannot trade your life and health for the things she gets from her husband. She will not risk exposing you to a potentially abusive stepfather if she is a good mother.

If she takes long to take action you should approach a close relative with your story. I don’t want your future spoiled by something that could be avoided. Talk to your mother urgently. and continue to avoid being along with your stepfather at any cost. – Aunty Lisa

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