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Dear Aunty Lisa

Someone hacked my Facebook account and wrote some nasty statuses like “Its time to confess, I am gay,” “I love fellow men, women are just there to disguise.” It has got me into trouble with my girlfriend who is failing to know if I am telling the truth about not have written that myself. I do not know how I can clean my name because I have been seeing people looking at me differently at work. Each man I engage in a conversation with becomes uneasy when I smile to him. How can I cleanse my name? – George Dear George

I am sorry to hear that. This is one of the problems with social media and sadly it is becoming more common. The best thing for you to do is to announce publicly what has happened and tell people who you really are and that your image was tarnished. You can also report this abuse to Facebook.

Let people know that someone messed with your account and peddled falsehoods about you. You will need to be more careful about leaving your account open, there are people in life who do not have important things to do and they would waste time focusing on pulling other people down. You need to guard against them.

Sit down with your girlfriend and explain things well to her. It is also important that she feels that you lover her so much and that you prefer being with a woman than a man.

Of all people she needs to be the last person to believe the malice that was posted on your page. – Aunty Lisa

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