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Dear Aunty Lisa

My wife is big-mouthed, she shouts and complains at almost everything. It irritates me so much to think that when I get home she would be waiting desperately to let me know of a mistake I did in the morning before leaving for work. It seems all she sees is negative.

I want to be able to come home to a smiling and comforting wife after a long frustrating day at work. My wife needs to be my source of comfort and happiness, not my source of misery. I don’t want to end up choosing to get home late because of her. Please how do I deal with her nagging? – Mr Cool

Dear Mr Cool

You need to know your wife’s character, has shouting and this nagging been part of your life when you married or is it something that started along the way? If it is something that she has always been into, I don’t think it should surprise you. Take it as her weakness, we all have our own, you too.

I am not trying to justify bad behaviour, but as people there is no way we get to love each and every characteristic of one another. But to co-exist there is need to make compromises, there is need to accept our partners’ weaknesses and be able to live with them.

However you can also make efforts to make her change or limit the rate of shouting. Talk to your wife on how that really gets to you and how she needs to also accept you with the weaknesses that she shouts at. You both need to meet half way.

Meanwhile, if it is something that started along the way it becomes questionable on what triggered it. If a woman used to love the way her husband laughs and all of a sudden hates it, that is questionable.

She may fall out of love with it, but not necessarily hate it. So, to solve your issue, first identify when all this started and then sit down and talk to your wife.

Explain to her how you love her but you just cannot stand it any longer the way she focuses on the negative. Make sure you explain gently and lovingly as a combative approach will just make matters worse. Try to lead by example by saying positive things to her and behaving in such a way that she feels loved and valued. That can work wonders in any woman, I promise you that. – Aunty Lisa

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