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Dear Aunty Lisa

I’m a 27-year-old orphan. I grew up in my rural town and only came to Harare late last year. I have been living with my Aunty for two months now and she is insisting that l leave my church for hers. I believe in my church and l don’t want to go to hers. I have gone there twice trying to impress her but l don’t really understand everything they do there. I just wish to return to my church. What can I do? – Charity

Dear Charity

The best way to be heard is by speaking. You need to let your Aunty know that you prefer going to your church. You need to tell her politely and have her realise that you are more comfortable going to your church.

She will understand if she is someone liberal. If she insists that you continue going to her church that will make it difficult for you because you are living under her roof. I hope that if you speak to her respectfully and explain yourself carefully she will understand and respect your right to choose your own religious preferences. – Aunty Lisa

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