Too many prophets

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am having problems with the so many prophets that are sprouting in the country. Everyone calls himself a prophet or prophetess and starts prophesising about silly things like whether the national soccer team will win or lose, which they always get wrong and make excuse for. I don’t know what can be done to stop this insanity. – Ed

Dear Ed

Prophecy is all about personal belief and faith. One can choose to believe or not. I agree with you that something needs to be done about the many fake prophets arising in our country – people need to be careful what and who they believe in.

People are being taken for a ride and their faith is abused by the so-called men of God who have forsaken seeking God and turned to issues with big following like football so as to get more followers and increase their material gains.

Thank God there is freedom of worship in Zimbabwe, so one may chose who to follow and who to believe in. You have a choice to make. I hope you choose wisely. – Aunty Lisa

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