Treated like trash

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a 24-year-old man who works as a gardener in Harare. I passed my Ordinary levels a few years ago, but I have not been able to get anyone sponsor me for further studies. So, I settled for this job but I hate being treated like I am not educated. My bosses treat me like trash and it bothers me. – Terry

Dear Terry

I don’t know your behaviour when you are at your workplace, but I just want to advise you to behave like an educated man. Once we treat ourselves with respect the people around us will start valuing us and treating us the same. Sometimes the way people around us treat us is influenced by how we treat ourselves. But some people are generally full of self-love and treat anyone around them inferior. I am not really sure which case you fall under, if it is your bosses then you need try and humble yourself each time they insult you.

There are times we tend to teach other people a good lesson by our responses. Imagine someone comes to you with a frown to say you are so ugly and you say to him, Thank you, I respect your opinion but I was born with this face and I can do nothing to change it. Their expectation is that you fume at them but if you remain calm and polite, you may help change their behaviour.

This is your position in life for now. hopefully it will not always be so – but you need to use your education and make sure you are the best gardener in the world. Try it and please do let me know if it works! – Aunty Lisa

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