Potty training woes

Dear Aunty Lisa

My son is three years old and my sister’s daughter is 18 months and she has mastered potty training amazingly. Funny enough my son’s vocabulary has improved and he can say most of the important words like when he is hungry, he is able to communicate that. But when it comes to potty he messes himself and does not want to use it. Each time he sits on his toy potty he is playing on it and never seem to understand its purpose. I get so frustrated and I am mad at him sometimes. What is wrong with my boy? – Mai Tadiwa

Dear Mai Tadiwa

There is nothing wrong with your boy, if there is anything wrong it is with you. You are comparing your son with someone else. Children learn things at different paces – and the differences between girls and boys are particularly wide. You son is just being normal by communicating all other essentials. Right now doing poo in a potty when he can do it in his diaper like he has always done is not a pressing issue to him.

It is a different case when he is hungry and may show it by crying or saying what he wants. You need to be patient with him. Try and make sure that you have a simple potty for him, there are fancy potties these days and most children tend to confuse them with toys. So they want to play there instead. So, he needs to understand its purpose and sometimes you may need another kid –like your sister’s daughter- around so that he sees her using the potty the right way. Better still, you may create routines you and him go and use the toilet together.

It is important that you don’t get angry with him as this can retard the whole training process. And please remember throughout his life not to compare him with others too much. – Aunty Lisa

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