Pursued by a stalker

Dear Aunty Lisa

I have a young man who is stalking me. He claims he loves me but I find him very ugly. I am 29 years old and I have always had qualities of a true husband in mind. But his looks just put me off. He is as ugly as men come.

I have made it clear to him that I am not interested and he knows and sees how annoyed I am because of his persistence in following me and telling my friends that he will not give up on me. How do I get rid of him please? – Sue

Dear Sue

I am not sure what qualities you have written down and at whyou are looking for in your future husband but what I know is that strategy does not work.

You don’t search for true love with a list like you are going grocery shopping. There is no way you will find a perfect man who is a fit to everything on your list unless somehow you will be able to create your own human being.

My point is there will not be any harm in giving this man a chance. You do not assure him that you are now boyfriend and girlfriend but you can be friends, date for a while as you get to know him. I know of men who are not so good looking facially, but handsome at heart. In the end their wives and others have started to see their outer handsome. Being handsome and good looking comes from the inside, look beyond his face if you are looking for true love and beauty.

For someone who is not put off and gives up after giving him a cold shoulder you have portrayed here, he sure is in love. It is not always that true love is seen on first sight, there are people others learn to love and eventually discover what no other saw in them.

Put your list aside for some time and give it a try with men who have shown some interest in you. Go along with the tide and see where is gets you. – Aunty Lisa

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