The ugly one

Dear Aunty Lisa

I lack self-confidence among my friends because I am the ugly one in the group. I am dark-skinned and all of them are light-skinned. I always feel out of place when boys comment that ours is a group of beauties.

I have a friend who has advised me on skin lightening creams and I am yet to try them though I am very sceptical. What can I do about my complexion? – LL

Dear LL

My dear, black is beautiful. You need to be comfortable in your own skin and never allow other people to be uncomfortable for you. You want to be light to please other people not for your own self.

If anyone is not comfortable with how dark skinned you are, that person is not your friend. Beauty is not light-skinned, you can be beautiful in your dark skin, remember model Naomi Campbell?

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, who is the beholder? Men, of course. Never mind the comments from the boys that admire your group, take charge. Be the beholder, see and appreciate the beauty in you.

You need to be confidant with who you are and people around you will start seeing the beauty in you. Beauty is very far from skin deep. It all starts with you, what people think about us sometimes is a reflection of what we think about ourselves.

If you believe you are ugly and hate the dark skin you are in, people around you will be convinced it is ugly. Why not convince them otherwise?

Believe that you are beautiful and you will have people admiring your confidence in that dark skin and you will set a trend of beauty. People define beauty, it is not something God set, it is not something that some have and others don’t.

It is something in the mind and people set it. So, go ahead and set the new trend of beauty among your friends, have them envy you for being dark-skinned.

You are wise to stay away from skin lightening creams – they have been proved to be very harmful. They have various effects and are always damaging in the long-run – maybe even causing cancer. – Aunty Lisa

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