Too young for marriage

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am I8 years old and recently got married traditionally with my wedding in December. I am so scared that I may not handle marriage. Sometimes I feel I am still too young for it, imagine I still find cartoons very entertaining, I sleep with a doll and I am so emotional. Do you think l will be able to handle it and what do I need to do in preparation? – Nicky

Dear Nicky

Marriage is not like a football match that you practice your skills for. Of course there are a few things your mother or sisters may advise you and teach you but most of the things you learn with time. Talk to you female relatives and ask their advice. Marriage itself will teach you a lot of things in life, you will find yourself maturing with time.

Do not take watching cartoons as a sign of immaturity, of course cartoons are entertaining. Sometimes it may depend on the type of cartoons you will be watching. But as far as I am concerned modern animated films have captured the interest of both the young at heart and adults. Do not feel bad.

Maybe the time has come for you to put away your doll. You now have a human doll to sleep with. Being emotional is normal, it is okay to let out how people feel, it helps a lot relieve pain and express our joy.

Just go with the tide, the most important thing is for your husband to know you better. Communication with your husband-to-be is the most important thing. The two of you need to sit and discuss everything. Marriage is the same as dating; the only difference is the level of commitment. You are now planning your future together – from now on it must be mostly we and not I. Congratulations. Enjoy your marriage. – Aunty Lisa

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