A delicate problem

Dear Aunty Lisa

My problem is that I have a small penis. Doctors said there was nothing wrong with one having a small sexual organ like mine. I also read in newspapers about people dismissing witchdoctors ‘sangomas’, who claim to have herbs that would help enlarge the organ and provide a solution to my situation. What should I do with my sexual organ? I have become so shy of the small penis that I can’t even go for circumcision. Please help. – Shy

Dear Shy

You have had medical experts explaining to you that there is nothing wrong with you, you have read articles about it and you are convinced there is nothing wrong. It is time you tell yourself to stop looking at yourself as abnormal. Your sexual organ only looks abnormal to you because you have heard people talking about a big male sexual organ as the real deal.

Now a small organ is making you feel uncomfortable because you are worried what people will think of you. What matters is what you know and think, listen less to what the society think otherwise you live a life of trying to impress. Embrace your small organ and know that you are capable of doing what any man can. Circumcision is not done in public and those who take you through the process understand such organs are there and normal. If you feel you want to be circumcised don’t let that small issue stop you from doing that. – Aunty Lisa

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