Church forbids it

Dear Aunt Lisa

I have my soldier boyfriend I used to go to the same church with. Now I am going to a different church which has strict rules against cuddling, kissing and any form of contact with boyfriends or vice versa. My boyfriend and I used to do all those things before I joined this church.

He is finding it difficult to adhere to the rules. Last week he asked to sleep with me and he promised that he would marry me but I refused. He has since been quiet. I don’t like my new church I am only going because of my step-parents who take me there. Please help me on what to do. – Tariro

Dear Tariro

You are in a quandary indeed my dear, but it seems what you want is clear here. You want to be back with your boyfriend and going to a church of your choice. You need to sit down with your step-parents and explain to them how you feel about the new church.

Although there is such thing as freedom of worship, I also understand that it will not be easy to tell them that you do not believe in the church they go to. You are living under their roof and they feel it is their duty to choose and decide what is best for you. It would help to know how old you are – because if you are over 21 that would make a difference to how I would advise you.

You may also need to explain the situation to your boyfriend that you do not have the freedom that you wish to have at the moment and he should understand. You do not want to do something that would separate you from the people you love, which in this case is both sides. Maintain the good relations as they are and know that you will not be under their power forever.

However I must add that, no matter what the church says, I have always advocated for sex only within the marriage relationship. Sleeping with your boyfriend at this stage is not advisable for many reasons. – Aunty Lisa

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