Education before marriage?

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a girl aged 19 who failed Ordinary Level Examinations with U grades two years ago. My parents have sent me back to a private school to study for the November 2014 O level exams. I recently got engaged to my unemployed boyfriend last month in preparation for marriage – against my father’s will. Though my parents do not dispute that I should have a boyfriend, they maintain that I should get through with education first. I do not agree with them since I feel like settling with my boyfriend before end of the year. What should I do Aunty? – Confused, Guruve.

Dear Confused

Of course you have the right to make the final decision about what to do with your life and future, but it is important to listen to other people’s advice. Your parents are the closest people to give you advice that will help you in life because they truly care about you. I understand where they are coming from – education is so important because it gives you the best foundation to everything in life.

You need not rush to get married – you have your whole life ahead of you. You need to establish yourself as a well-educated woman who will not just wait to be supported by her husband. This is even more important in your case as your boyfriend is unemployed. Education is very important if you are to dream of being successful in your life. The mentality of taking marriage as a success needs to end.

There is nothing wrong with marriage, people will always congratulate you for finding true love and getting married. But you need to be a woman of value, you need to command respect within your marriage and education is the best way I know how. Continue with your studies and work towards your dreams before the triple roles of women – reproduction, production and community work – start demanding your contributions. – Aunty Lisa

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