Uncomfortable boss

Dear Aunty Lisa

I have my boss who is always passing comments that may be considered nice like “you are looking very sexy today.” I am single and I don’t dream of dating my boss but the way he always comments me suggest that he likes me. The other girls at work seem to be envying that and they are jealous of me.

I am confused about how to react when he says those comments to me because he expects me to smile and I don’t because I don’t enjoy the comments. I am no longer comfortable around him in the office and he is now recruiting other men in the office to join in – asking them if they don’t think I dress like a celebrity from Hollywood. What can I do to stop this? – Lucy

Dear Lucy

This is sexual harassment my dear. It comes in various forms and don’t think someone has to touch parts of your body for it to be declared as such. Any comments that are unwelcome fall under sexual harassment. It is important to know the policy of your company regarding this and the reporting procedure. You need to report your boss to his seniors – he is harassing you and it must stop.

He is creating a hostile environment in your workplace and that needs to stop. People at your workplace need to be educated about sexual harassment so that they respect the fact that you do not like any of these comments and also simply because it is wrong.

Your friends need to understand that what your boss is doing is not nice – it is ridiculous that they are jealous of you. If your boss is not stopped he may end up abusing his power and creating an environment where sexual harassment is a norm. Speak out now to somebody in authority. And continue to show him that his comments are not welcome by not responding or smiling and avoiding him whenever possible. – Aunty Lisa

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