Circumcision debate

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a mother of two, soon to be of three. I am to give birth to a baby boy in three months’ time and I have heard about circumcision of infants. Would you encourage me to get my baby circumcised at that early age? – Mai Dee

Dear Mai Dee

This matter is a bit personal and I feel I cannot advise you whether or not to get your son circumcised at that age. Circumcision has its own advantages that have been scientifically proven. But it has not yet become popular here as a culture like it is in other countries like Swaziland – where your son would grow up seeing every boy his age circumcised.

As it is not common here, it could possibly make him feel a bit uncomfortable and ‘strangely’ different from other boys as he grows up. He may be teased or made uncomfortable by his peers. I personally believe it is best when one decides on his own.

As mothers and parents, we know what is best for our kids, some may argue, but it does not mean we may as well identify the girls they would marry when they grow up. You are a very loving mother who wants the best for her children and I am happy you tend to consult with others on certain issues. I suggest you ask your doctor for more information. – Aunty Lisa

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