Empty coffers

Addressing the 100 people who bothered to attend his rally, Biti said ‘we are going to have our name, our own symbols, own colour.’ The reaction of independent (amused) observers is to ask how his new party will survive Zimbabwe’s potholed political landscape, without the necessary shock absorbers of a voter base.


Without much representation in Parliament, it is unlikely that Biti and company will make any immediate impact on the lives of impoverished Zimbabweans. At the same time, the troubled Mdc-T will find it hard to loosen Zanu (PF)’s 34-year-old hold on power, amid rumours of empty coffers and unhappy financiers.

Even when Zanu (PF) seemed headed for collapse during the three months of Salarygate, MDC in its numerous forms was pre-occupied with internal battles, like guard dogs that growl at each other over a meatless bone, while thieves plunder the home.

While the several factions of opposition swopped insults, Zanu (PF) – without the need for Nikuv – last week won the uncontested Makonde ward 8 by-election. It is almost as if the various MDC formations carried on oblivious of the ward election.

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