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Zinara boss Frank Chitukutuku suddenly resigned, while under corruption investigations that look likely to be forgotten. Psmas – the medical aid provide that Cuthbert Dube treated as a personal lunchbox – remains in trouble. Psmas members, most of them civil servants, will soon be denied drugs and healthcare by the few medical professionals that still accept the Psmas card.

Zinara boss Frank Chitukutuku
Zinara boss Frank Chitukutuku

All of these problems go unseen, as the factions bicker nonstop like the animated characters Tom & Jerry.

According to a WHO, Zimbabwean women are in the top six of Africa’s heavy drinkers. Perhaps the women – burdened by carrying firewood in a Zesa-less Zimbabwe and weighted down by the daily struggle of survival with husbands toiling in foreign lands – have been driven to drink by the political circus of MDC and the ineptitude of Zanu (PF).

It is clear that the government which is – as Freshly Ground put it – ‘too chicken for change’ is bereft of solutions. At a time when the opposition should unite to rescue the country, their egos have prevented the formation of the much touted grand coalition. The bemused and frustrated citizenry weakly asks – todii, what shall we do?

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