She wants me back

Dear Aunty Lisa

I have a problem with my ex-wife. She wants us to reconcile since she recently successfully lured me to bed her. During the sexual encounter the condom I used as protection burst. She now claims that I impregnated her during the unfortunate sexual encounter. I had married someone after we divorced and I vowed never to remarry the ex. What should I do Aunty? – Anonymous

Dear Anonymous

I think I need to be candid with you here, you really need to be responsible and choose what you want in life. You have not moved on from your past – that is why you let her lure you as you claim. Obviously she has no regrets about what happened because that is what she wants and you need to decide where you are going in your life otherwise you will keep being involved sexually and blaming it on her. Come clean and open with yourself, ask yourself if you really no longer want your ex-wife back or not.

You don’t want to be living two lives and blame it on other people. This ex-wife of yours wants you back and she is determined to have you back, which she will do anything to fight for your reunion for as long as you do not show her where you stand.

If you lay things bare for her that you two are done, she will see that trying to get you back together is a waste of time. But she is advancing on you because she sees a lot of hope and potential. I will not blame her for anything. She is someone who knows what she wants. You need to know what you want before you tie yourself with a rope that will be difficult to untie.

As for the pregnancy, I guess the only thing you can do now is do a paternity test once the baby is born. You can always take care of the baby without necessarily getting married to the mother if you are no longer in love with her. – Aunty Lisa

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