We was robbed

Then came the 2013 elections, from which Zanu (PF) somehow improvised a two thirds majority. Zanu (PF) members danced like freedom fighters returning from the bush in 1979, singing ‘mauya, mauya comrade.’ As the comrades kicked up dust, doing the kongonya, there came muffled voices – from the opposition, buried in its voluminous ‘dossier of evidence’ that never made it to court – saying ‘we was robbed.’


The dejected electorate turned its anger towards the people who had promised to rescue them. The mysterious blogger, Baba Jukwa, loved by so many pre-July 2013, suddenly began to receive hate mail. Morgan Tsvangirai’s then Lieutenant, Tendai Biti, who is one of few local politicians brave enough to journey through cyberspace without a security detail, attempted his usual Facebook pep talks and found the ‘wananchi’ ready and waiting to pelt him with verbal rotten tomatoes, even before his fallout with Tsvangirai.

Despite manufacturing a landslide victory, Mugabe has constantly glanced in the rear-view mirror of the presidential limousine, as if fearful of the vanquished opponent. Through its mighty propaganda machine, Zanu (PF) has latched onto the slightest signs of disharmony, generously pouring paraffin over any visible sparks in the Mdc camp, until a raging forest fire appeared.

Elton Mangoma, perceived as troublemaker, was fired out of a canon by a party president who had had enough of the deputy treasurer’s constant calls for ‘leadership change.’ Biti, a fan if not co-writer of the leadership renewal song, responded by suspending his boss. Sensing a possible coup d’état, Tsvangirai reacted with a pre-emptive strike and expelled Biti outright.

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