Annoying chatterbox

Dear Aunty Lisa

My wife is an annoying chatterbox; she magnifies my small mistakes and fails to appreciate the big things I do for her. She would go on and on about me leaving clothes lying on the floor and leaving the toilet seat up but fails to see the good things I do.

I understand how irritated she gets by my bad habits. I am doing my best to avoid them, but it will take time. I always try to make up for it by doing things for her but although she appreciates and shows it I just wish she would just accept me with my weaknesses. – Doctor Pee

Dear Doctor Pee

Your wife must be someone who finds it difficult to ignore things and cannot let them pass without speaking out about it. She is a perfectionist. There are women like that who would be upset by a breadcrumb on the floor.

I do agree that she needs to look more on your good side that even though her husband is not as clean and tidy as she wishes him to be at least he is a caring and loving man.

On the other side, I have seen your wife’s ‘nagging’ as her weakness. She would see how you missed a button and miss the nice fancy suit you will be trying to show her.

As you want her to put up with your weaknesses, may I suggest that you also need to put up with her weaknesses?

Of course she will never keep quiet about your weaknesses, but it does not mean that she finds it unacceptable. That is why she is still with you. Deep down she knows they are the things she needs to cope with every day for the rest of her life with you but she just won’t hide how it pokes her. You need to get used to her talking just as she needs to cope with your bad habits. – Aunty Lisa

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