Does age matter?

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a young man aged 29 and I recently met a woman who is two years older. We like each other so much and it’s funny how it has always been my idea not to marry a woman the same age with me, let alone one who is older.

I have always discouraged anyone who attempts going out in that situation. Now my friends are going to call me a hypocrite. Do you think our relationship will last? – Jasi

Dear Jasi

Your relationship, just like any is bound to break if it does not have the fundamentals of a relationship. You need love, trust and honesty for it to last and age has nothing to do with it breaking if ever it would. Just like any strong relationship, it stands a chance of growing and blossoming.

If you already doubt just because of your age difference, you need to ask yourself if you really love this woman. If your answer is yes then turn a blind eye to her age and know that love is all that matters. Of course your friends will label you a hypocrite of they get to know the situation – especially when you say you used to discourage others. But you will get over that. Only your pride will be hurt a bit!

And in the meantime they don’t need to know all the details. You only tell them that you are going out, introduce her to them if you have to, but avoid sharing everything with them, you are the one who knows her and who fell in love with her. – Aunty Lisa

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