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Dear Aunty Lisa

I have a six-month-old baby to whom I gave birth through Caesarean section. I did not tie my tummy as most mothers are advised by their elders because of the pain I had from the operation. My tummy still looks like I am five months pregnant.

I get so embarrassed when people who do not know I have a baby ask me if I am pregnant. At times I end up lying that I am. I still experience some pain especially on cold days this winter. I don’t know what to do, I often get ashamed when those who know of my baby are shocked that I am pregnant again. Please help me if there are faster and less painful ways of dealing with it. I am beginning to hate my body. – Dorothy

Dear Dorothy

Oh no dear, stop hating the way you look as if you lack something that makes you inhuman. If you keep feeling that way it will make you hate your baby and blame it for leaving your tummy like that. It is a natural part of motherhood and I am sorry to tell you that there is not faster and easy way to dealing with it.

No pain no gain my dear, you will need to work hard and sweat to get rid of it. A flat tummy comes with great commitment to exercise and you need to take it easy on yourself for a while because you have not fully recovered. You cannot take the special diets for losing weight now – especially if you are breastfeeding.

You need to accept your body and embrace the changes in your life at the moment as a special way that gave you the gift of your baby. Later on when you are no longer breastfeeding and not feeling pain, you need to commit yourself to workouts that target the abdominal muscles – like sit ups. Get a nutritionist to give you a diet to stick to. But at the moment enjoy being a mother and stop getting embarrassed in telling people that it is just a tummy with no baby in it. People will understand and some will even have good ideas that may help you feel better or even deal with your tummy. – Aunty Lisa

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