Is time running out?

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a young man aged 30 and I have had a girlfriend for six months that my uncles know of. They are giving me pressure to marry saying I am not getting any younger.

They find it funny that they see me not in any hurry to settle down. I have told them I need time to know her better before I can decide on marriage. They are making me feel so old now. Do you think I am running out of time, if there is anything like that? – Joey

Dear Joey

There is no such thing when it comes to settling down. Unless you are someone who is sleeping around and not sticking to one partner then they may say you are running out of time in making important decisions to save yourself from contracting the deadly HIV.

So long as you have one partner and are taking time to know her better before you make the next decision of settling down with her, I see no problem with that. It is important that you are convinced that this is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Marriage is a step that affects one’s entire future and you cannot afford to mess it up by committing to someone you will want to be separated from two years down the line. 30 is a good age to settle down, but yet it is still no age for one to feel he is running out of time. It is up to you to plan your life as to when you want to get married, have children or pursue your career. You can do with your uncles’ advice but the decision is yours to make. Don’t make it to please anyone but yourself. – Aunty Lisa

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