Pregnancy pressure

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a woman aged 25 and I have been married for a year now. I have not been able to fall pregnant and my husband and I are now worried that we may fail to have a child. The pressure and all eyes are on me considering the fact that my husband has got a daughter with his late wife. He has even indicated that he would prefer a son from me and things are not well as I keep having my periods every month. I am beginning to be worried whether I am barren or not. What advice may you please help me with? – Chipo

Dear Chipo

You are putting yourself under pressure my dear and that pressure is not good for someone who is trying to fall pregnant. Your mind and body need to be relaxed for you to fall pregnant. There may be absolutely nothing wrong with you, but your anxiety and pressure could be the only things that are standing in your way.

While you need to be relaxed and expect to fall pregnant any time, I strongly advise you both not to plan on having a boy or a girl. It is not something a couple can plan on, neither is it something a man needs to demand from a woman. It is God’s gift. The fact that he has a daughter already does not mean your husband is perfect and you are not, and so no one should point fingers in your relationship.

Let things happen at their own pace, and try to enjoy some quality time together as a couple. This is the time you both will remember as the best in your marriage. You don’t want to spend it blaming each other for things you are not sure of. Enjoy your marriage and let God plan your future. – Aunty Lisa

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