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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am dating a young woman aged 23 and she is such a social media junkie. I am not happy with that because she is always flashing pictures of herself on Facebook and instagram. She makes her life so public and I am someone who is so reserved. I don’t believe she should be posting pictures of herself as if she is marketing herself to other men out there.

I have talked to her before and she has defended her actions saying that I would only have a right to freak out if they were nude pictures. I love this girl and she is to me the marriage material but I just don’t want her being friends with the whole world like she is doing. She is a student at a film school and she claims she uses social media to connect with people for her work. I don’t want us to fight but how can I make her believe what I believe – since I will be her future husband if all goes well? – Prince T

Dear Prince T

It is important for you to appreciate and understand what she believes in. When people marry, they become husband and wife, they have a family together and they start planning their future together. Yes they will be a team – but don’t be fooled that once married a couple automatically have the same beliefs in life. They are two different people and will have lots of different ideas and beliefs.

But they accept and respect each other’s thoughts and beliefs before finding a way to make a compromise so that they move forward. Your girlfriend sees nothing wrong in what she is doing – in fact she believes it is the way to go if she is going to make connections with people to advance her future career. She may as well be amazed that you keep your life so reserved and do not open up on social media like she does.

So, what I am saying is, don’t expect her to understand you if you are not ready to understand her. You both need to make a compromise and see what best suits you as a couple. If she genuinely can’t do without that interaction on social media then you will have to find a way to understand it and consider how it affects you personally.

Do not expect your girlfriend to be ready to act on every request or instruction you give, she seems someone with an independent mind and she will be ready to give you reasons for why she does things the way she does- unlike just stopping because you said so. Be ready to make compromises in your beliefs and the way you do things. As a couple it is important that you trust, respect and love each other and everything else will fall into place. – Aunty Lisa

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