Where is Miss Right?

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am failing to find a girl who is really perfect for my liking. I am beginning to think maybe there is something wrong with me. Every girl I date has a weakness and we don’t date for more than two months before we fall out. The girl I broke up with recently told me that she would want to live to see the woman I will be satisfied with because she believed she had been so committed to the relationship.

The problem I had with her is that she claimed she was a virgin at 27 and she refused to prove it with me. I was serious with her and I was obviously going to marry her if I had found her to be a virgin, but she chickened out of the relationship just because I felt she did not want to take our relationship to another level.

The other time I had a girl who kept giving me pressure that I introduce her to my sisters or family to show that she meant something to me. And the heartbreak of them all was the other one who had told all her family members all about me, and all of a sudden I became either someone’s brother-in-law, uncle or nephew. Please help me find the right woman for me? – Roddy

Dear Roddy

I am not sure which kind of woman you want for marriage dear brother. As far as I am concerned I did not see anything wrong with the women you have explained above. They all wanted trust and commitment from you and you seem to be someone who is scared of that. Most men want to marry a virgin girl, even when they are not virgins themselves. It was probably wise for your 27-year-old virgin ex-girlfriend to deny a sexual relationship with you because there was no guarantee she would be married.

Most girls who are not virgins today did not lose it from sleeping around. They had one person they trusted with it and they were robbed and left. She just did not want to be that unfortunate, all you needed was to trust her. There is nothing wrong with being introduced and introducing your partner to your family; it is only wrong and scary when you are not committed to that person. You need to reflect on what it is you really want and be able to identify it when it comes your way. – Aunty Lisa

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