Can I date my teacher?

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a young man aged 17 in High School. I like my Literature teacher so much I am beginning to think I have feelings for her. She is a young and intelligent woman who is in her first year of teaching. I learn at a boys only boarding school and she is one of the few female teachers here, the only young one. I don’t know if you think there would be anything wrong with me dating my teacher? – Tau JJ

Dear Tau JJ

I will definitely not advise you to do that, you will not only mess up your teacher/student relationship with her but also jeopardise your studies and her position. You need to finish your studies with no distractions that could create a recipe for failure.

You may just be feeling this way for her because she is the only young and attractive female in your environment right now. You would probably feel the same with the whole cheerleading team that would come to support your opponents at school. This is quite normal when you are not exposed to the opposite sex often. You need to wipe away those thoughts in your head and concentrate on your studies.

She is probably older than you, not that there is any big fuss about age in relationships but for a student you need a date who is on the same level of thinking as you, someone whose focus is on education and her future after school. Constantly tell yourself that it is Literature that you have fallen in love with and not your lecturer. – Aunty Lisa

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