Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a young woman aged 25 and I am qualified and experienced in my profession. I recently had one of my company’s rivals head–hunting for my services. They offered me a job but I am finding it very awkward to accept and leave my current employer. It is one of the biggest companies that anyone in my profession would love to work for and I know joining them would mean that my dream position as one of the bosses – which I am closer to achieving with my current employers – would die a natural death.

With the big company on the other hand there would be a lot of competition and I would not rise fast. What do you recommend I do? I am caught in between whether to stay or leave and what would my current employers think of me when I leave them? – Caro

Dear Caro

Hey my dear, you need to think of your own career first before you could think of anyone else, this is about the future of Caro and not anyone else. The important thing for anyone pursuing a successful career is to be in an environment that allows him/her to grow as a person, and challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and explore your limits.

Your current employers may be disappointed by a decision to leave them, especially to join what you referred to as a rival company. But they would eventually understand that you want to grow as a person and in your profession. Do not feel bad about it and make the decision that best suits you without thinking of the negative consequences it would have on the two employers.

You are still young and of course being a boss is something most people want in life but it has to come at the right time and when you are ready so that you are an efficient, competent and successful boss. Join the highly talented team at the other company and you will find that you gain vast knowledge from that competition so that when that promotion comes you will be confident enough to know that you can succeed in any environment.

Be the boss now and you may end up feeling inferior to the other crew at the other company that each time you meet you are uncomfortable introducing yourself as the boss at the other company. – Aunty Lisa

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