I like my step-mom

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a young man aged 15 and my parents got divorced some five years ago. My mother did not take long to remarry, but my father only married someone at the beginning of this year. Before that we had always been close, going out together for holidays, which is still the same. I visit him with my step-mother a lot. My mother always tells me that she knows the woman he married and she is not someone who loves me because I am not her biological son.

I find her different, the only thing that makes me feel she is not my real mother around her is that she is strict on me, but she always makes a point of telling me that she and my Dad love me and I am always welcome there. She has never said anything to make me believe that she hates me. I don't want to upset my mother by telling her that I like my step-mother whom she does not seem to like. What do I do? – Josh

Dear Josh

There is no need to tell your mother how you feel about your step-mother if you feel she does not like to hear what you will tell her. The important thing is that you do not have a problem with both your mothers and so you will continue being part of your parents' lives. Your biological mother is jealous you may end up loving your step-mother more than you love her, which is normal.

Just remember who you are and remain humble to both your biological parents and step-parents. You seem like a focused young man in life and I am delighted that your step-mother loves you. Just continue being the sensitive and caring young man you are. – Aunty Lisa

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