What makes a lesbian?

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a 25-year-old mother to a five-year-old daughter. She is very interested in football and she has been socialising too much with the boys. She is a bit too aggressive for a girl and I am concerned about her behaviour.

I don’t know what makes women lesbian and men gays but I don’t want her to be an odd girl and be too strong for a woman, a woman no man would want to marry. I just want to raise my daughter the right way, please help me. – Mai Tashi

Dear Mai Tashi

Raising children is not totally something that comes from our own bravery or capability – it is a gift from God. There are no particular formulas to raising children. You cannot stop your daughter from being strong as if it is a bad thing.

It is something other parents wish for their own daughters. If men won’t marry her because of that then sorry to them. A strong woman is one who knows what she wants, how she wants it and goes out to get it. There is nothing wrong with your daughter loving football. Sports are for all.

There are a lot of life lessons drawn from sports and your daughter will be one of the people to benefit from it. There is nothing bizarre about her being comfortable with mingling with the boys, that is a sign of confidence and she knows she is just as special as them. Let her be and stop worrying. – Aunty Lisa

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