He wants me to abort

Dear Aunty Lisa

I just got pregnant and my boyfriend of seven months is telling me he does not want anything to do with a baby any time soon. He is asking me to abort, which he says is the only way for us to continue being together. I have always wanted to have a baby, I want this child and at the same time I don’t want to lose the father of my child. I believe this child is my blessing from God and I am not ready to do what my boyfriend is asking. What should I do? – Patricia

Dear Patricia

You need to do what your heart tells you. Abortion in Zimbabwe is illegal and if you get someone doing it for you they are unlikely to be a professional someone, which will jeopardise your life and your future ability to bear children. It has also been proven that having an abortion causes all sorts of emotional and psychological problems for women in their futures.

It is pretty clear that you want to keep this child and that is what your heart wants, why should your boyfriend tell you what to do with your own body? You are the one who is going to carry this child and you are the one who will go through the process of abortion and suffer the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of that for your whole life. Your biggest fear may be of raising this child alone, with the father refusing to have “anything to do with a baby any time soon.”

But I believe you can be a good single mother to this child if the father does indeed leave you. You should not feel disabled by being left alone. Your love is a prerequisite to this child and with that you can do amazing things for it. You may even be surprised that your boyfriend eventually accepts his child. News of having a baby may come as a shock to some men who may overreact at first but later accept and love the child. I pray this will be so in your case. – Aunty Lisa

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