Who’s the boss?

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am married to a man who is a year younger than me. I recently had the opportunity of having a residential stand and I am feeling bad for registering it in my name – but sometimes I feel he will not be responsible. I have been criticised by his sisters for suggesting to have it in my name. Do you think this is wrong? – Tarisai G.

Dear Tarisai G

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman owning a residential stand, a car or anything of that sort. There is no rule that says men should be the ones owning such assets in a marriage. You will have your name on the stand not because you are older than your husband but because it is your opportunity, something that belongs to you.

There should not be any apologies about your successes and you should never feel bound to surrender all your belongings to your husband just because he is the head of the house. Your sisters-in-law say what they say because they are naturally biased towards their brother and they are simply feeling insecure on his behalf. You should not worry about them, continue working hard and remember to have your children in mind because all that you work for should be about securing your family’s future – especially your children. I wish you all the best.

However, mistrust is not a good thing in a marriage. And it seems you don’t trust your husband to be responsible. This has nothing to do with age. You need to sit down and talk about this seriously because it could come to be a problem in your future. It is vital that you honour and respect and trust your husband, and he needs to earn this trust. So explain to him how you feel and discuss how you both can change your behaviours to grow in your relationship in future. – Aunty Lisa

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