WOZA boosts savings clubs

Six community savings clubs received a boost from Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) at the weekend. A start-up donation of $10,980 was made to the Cluster Level Integrated Clubs (CLIC), which will form loan funds from the subscriptions made by individual clubs and other fundraising endeavours.

Members of the lucky clubs count the cash donated by WOZA.
Members of the lucky clubs count the cash donated by WOZA.

The donation was made under WOZA’s economic empowerment and development programme begun in January 2014. The first phase of the project involved the formation of 80 savings and internal lending clubs with participation of over 1,600 members.

“Members participated in civic education programmes last year covering training on how to form clubs, write club constitutions, loan fund development and financial record keeping. Members were also taught now to calculate interest rates” said Jenni Williams, WOZA National Coordinator.

Following the success of the savings clubs, WOZA decided to introduce the Cluster Level Integrated Clubs, which will be collectively run by community members.

“Savings clubs are run through income generated from weekly subscriptions and interest contributed by individual club members while the focus of the CLIC is to form a loan fund from the subscriptions made by clubs and other community fundraising endeavours. During times of emergencies such as bereavement, community members can borrow money from these clubs,” said Williams.

“The money we have been raising from our club savings has been too little to start bigger projects, but with the money we have been given now we will be able to venture into corporate catering. We are also planning to start chicken rearing,” said Angela Mambinda of Over Comers Club, who has been a WOZA activist since 2007.

Judith Mzizi of God Bless Club said her club was planning to venture into wielding. “Our wish has always been to get involved in male-dominated businesses such as welding and upholstery. With this grant, we are confident that our wishes will be achieved,” she said.

Williams thanked the women for being resilient in the face of police brutality and arbitrary arrests during demonstrations. “We have been together in the trenches for a long time fighting for our rights. This programme is part of our broader social justice delivery obligation,” she said.

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