Your advice was right!

Dear Aunty Lisa

I have written to you before for advice on my son who had friends picking him up for beers and doing all unimaginable staff that got me worried.

I had started spying on him, going through his stuff in his bedroom and you told me to talk to him about life and give him a chance to make his own choices.

I did step back after talking to him and asked God for His guidance and just like you said, I was never going to be able to be everywhere he was going, and neither would I be able to stop him from making bad choices.

Tell you what, he recently turned 21 and I gave a speech that I now trusted that he had grown into a responsible young man. He gave a very touching speech about me. He said he appreciated that I had given him space to make his own choices and he acknowledged that he had made some bad ones. He said he had learnt from them and promised to be a better man.

You assured me I was not a bad mother in your response and now my son has confirmed it. Thank you for being the voice of a sister I never had. – Mai Prince

Dear Mai Prince

Thank you for the feedback. I am so happy that your son is growing up into a fine gentleman who loves his mother.

Thank you for seeking and taking my advice. You are and always will be a good mother for as long as you love him. Be blessed. – Aunty Lisa

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