Widow’s fried chicken enterprise popular with soccer fans

Sales of fried chicken at soccer matches and other crowd-drawing events have become a successful business venture for a local widow. CLAYTON MASEKESA reports.

Roselyn Chiriya - I hope one day I will own a big restaurant.
Roselyn Chiriya – I hope one day I will own a big restaurant.

It is around midday on a Sunday at Sakubva Stadium, and football fans stand in line to buy tempting chicken cuts freshly fried and supplied by Roselyn Chiriya, who also sells these mouth-watering snacks at popular musical venues and other events in the city.

Her backyard broiler farming has helped her boost her business. In a recent interview with The Zimbabwean Chiriya explained that she rears her own broiler chickens in batches of 50 to provide the raw materials for her business enterprise.

By using her own birds, her profits from sales are considerably higher than they would be if she had to buy the chickens, she explained. Raising her own fowls also means she has a ready supply to meet the growing demand for her product. “If you buy the chickens elsewhere it would be expensive – a whole bird costs $7 – and I would realise small profits, but, if I raise the chickens on my own I will make more profits,” she said.

Increased profits

“The profits from my business are increasing. Soccer fans like their beers and want food to eat while they drink their beer and cheer on their teams. They enjoy my chicken because it is always fresh and is sold while hot. Customers can choose their favourite pieces, each of which cost either $1 or $2 depending on size. I charge $6 for half a chicken and $12 for a whole bird,” said Chiriya.

Her two daughters assist her to fry and serve the hot chicken snacks. “I also sell the chicken portions to music lovers, in or outside the venues of big shows such as performances by Alick Macheso, Jah Prayzahr, Soul Jah Love and others,” she explained.

“I am happy that my business is growing. I owe much of my success to the soccer fans, who have supported my venture throughout,” she said, adding, “I have done well and with the profits I have bought some house hold appliances and I am able to send my two daughters to secondary school where they are doing well.

Future plans

Reflecting on her life before her new business, Chiriya said “ Before I started out in business, I faced financial problems. I even failed to buy soap and could not pay for school fees for my children. But now, my life has changed. I am able to pay school fees, buy school uniforms and I am proud that I can send my children to school. I want my children to have a good education and my wish is for them to be able to train as teachers or nurses. This is now a realistic dream as my business is doing very well.”

Chiriya has high hopes for the future of her business. “I want to expand my business and help my family to build a better future. My goal is to become a restaurant owner selling fast foods,” she said, determined and confident that she will achieve her ambition.

For more information or to get tips on how you can start your own business contact Roselyn Chiriya: Cell No. 0738 504 460

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