Masvingo residents demand accountability

The Masvingo Residents Trust has warned that it is planning a massive demonstration over the lack of transparency and accessibility to the $10 000 funds managed by Zambuko Trust.

Masvingo United ResidentsThe money was donated in 2013 by business people from the City of Kernen in Germany.
The trust has accused the city council and Zambuko of taking advantage of uninformed residents to hijack the funds for selfish ends.
“We demand fair distribution of, access to and transparency over the funds donated from Germany. Masvingo residents have not been informed about the accessibility of the money. We call for open accountability and responsive leadership by the Masvingo City Council. They have failed to provide services because their vehicles, vehicles which should be collecting refuse, have been attached. They have reduced our city to an unpleasant place for habitation,” said the Trust in a statement this week.
“Public leaders have proved beyond doubt that they only care for their own stomachs and their own wives and kids. Their actions are in sharp contrast to the client charter. Citizens’ engagement is necessary in reducing poverty and leading to sustainable development. We demand transparency in the use of the German funds,” says the statement.

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