Joint opposition political parties Independence statement

WE the undermentioned democratic political parties in Zimbabwe on this 18th day of April 2016 our Independence day, wish every Zimbabwean Happy Independence. We heartily join the nation in commemorating our Independence for which we salute the role of freedom fighters both living and dead, for the heroic role they played in the struggle for our independence.

zimb_independenceWe affirm our commitment to pan-Africanism, good governance, social democracy, protection of human rights, respect for constitutionalism and the right to self-determination. We register our determination to free our people from exploitation of man by man and to bring prosperity and a better life to all our people.

This year’s Independence commemorations come at a time when the nation is facing challenges brought about by lack of leadership and manifested by a failed economy, pervasive corruption, high unemployment, the collapse of public service delivery, a ravaging drought, wide-spread hunger and general despair among our citizens.

In the face of all these challenges, the people watch in despair the uncaring, corrupt and incompetent ZANU PF government excelling in internecine factional fights which have no bearing whatsoever on the long suffering mass of our people.

We the democratic opposition political parties on this our Independence day pledge to the people of Zimbabwe our commitment to work together with the people to find collective and common solutions to restore our national economy;  deliver secure land rights to our people; restore the country’s status as the bread basket of Africa; bring an end to corruption; restore the dignity of the people and respect for their fundamental freedoms, liberties and rights underpinned by unqualified respect for the rule of law, justice and equality of all citizens; restore business ethics; food security; attract new investment and capital; create secure jobs; rehabilitate national infrastructure; provide basic services and effective social safety nets; securing the rights of working people against all forms of exploitation; genuine empowerment of all citizens and full restoration of democratic governance beginning with implementation of electoral reforms which will ensure that in every election the true will of the people prevails.

We the said democratic opposition parties of Zimbabwe, in wishing all Zimbabweans a memorable commemoration of the 36th Independence anniversary commit ourselves to work together tirelessly to secure for our people the values and principles of the liberation struggle which must be the foundation of a prosperous Zimbabwe.

M Chikasha                                                    G Dzikiti                

African Democratic Party (ADP)              The Democratic Assembly for Restoration

And Empowerment (DARE)


Dr. S.H.S Makoni                                             Professor W. Ncube

Mavambo Kusile (MKD)                              Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)


Dr M.R Tsvangirai                                           Dr Lovemore Madhuku

Movement for Democratic Change-           National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)




T.L Biti                                                                  E S Mangoma

People’s Democratic Party (PDP)               Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ)


Dr D. Dabengwa                                                       F Mbira

Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU)     Zimbabweans United for Democracy


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