MDCT Harare demo meaningless

While I appreciate efforts meant to mount pressure on the Mugabe regime and not taking away mdct's achievements so far, i beg to differ with the people who think that the mdct is the only game in town because they mobilised hundreds in Harare for fundraising purposes.

mdc demo2Its not about the demonstrations that show or measure an election outcome.

The same Mdct has less than 20 seats in a 210 chamber in Zimbabwe because they are just hollow in terms of strategy and leadership.

The mdct alone will never beat Robert Mugabe in an election unless and until they swallow their pride and agree that they cannot make a breakthrough alone.

An equally balanced coalition at this stage is the best way to go and if Morgan Tsvangirai concludes that the Thursday demonstration signifies 2018 victory alone then he will be leaving in a fools’ paradise and shall die as an opposition leader.

Tsvangirai is not what the doctor ordered for Zimbabwe and is not the kind of a leader Zimbabwe wants.

The real winning team is coming and there is no going back and he has to be part of the team but not as a striker at the moment because we all helped him to get where he is today and he failed to score though he thinks that he should be credited with the formation of the mdc.

The  crowd that the mdct mobilised in Harare does not point to victory in 2018 and followers should not lie or mislead him into believing that the rented crowd means anything at this point.

This is another greedy and selfish move meant to loot  funds from unsuspecting donors who are on the brink of releasing money to Morgan Tsvangirai’s project for salaries and Tsvangirai’s consumption.
A lonely project like this remains divisive especially if it does not involve some of the civic groups in the country
There is a lot taking place behind the scenes bigger than the mdct’s fundraising crowd.
There is nothing that Zimbabwe wants from Morgan Tsvangirai even if he mobilises the whole of Harare
That is not the crowd expected for Tsvangirai and without any other alliances this to me means nothing.

As a loyal citizen of Zimbabwe i salute initiatives that are reportedly being taken by pro democracy forces such as Zapu,Mavambo,NCA,Zunde,RDZ,PDP and the MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube.

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