Kasukuwere land for youths illegal, Council

HARARE city council says the allocation of 54 residential stands to Zanu PF youths in Kambuzuma last week by the party’s political commissar and Local Government Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere, is illegal.

Land grab ... Local Govt Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere

Land grab … Local Govt Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere

Kasukuwere last week addressed a Zanu PF rally in Kambuzuma where he announced that he had given 54 local party youths some 300-square meter residential stands each.

The minister said the stands, allocated to the youths under the Joshua Nkomo Housing Cooperative, were part of his party’s efforts to empower “our” people.

“The land that was allocated to some people this week in Kambuzuma, I am hearing it for the first time, in this meeting. In fact, when I was at the office this morning my director’s personal assistant was saying that you were allocating land in Kambuzuma yesterday (Tuesday) , but I did not even know about that,” said Booker Masasi, Harare city council’s land and development manager.

Masasi was addressing members of the civil society and politicians who were attending a property rights workshop organised by organised by Friedrich Naumann Stiftung , National Association of Non- Governmental Organisations and Coalition for Market and Liberal Solutions in Harare last week.

Some delegates had asked him whether he had solemnised the allocation of the land to the said Zanu PF activists in Kambazuma.

“Whether there is a plan that was approved or not, I do not know, sufficing to say that these things are done at Central Government level and sometimes you cannot question what the father is doing,” said Masasi.

The partisan parcelling out of land to desperate home seekers by Zanu PF is common in Harare. The ruling party uses former liberation war fighters and its prominent members to acquire land which they would then sell to the public.

In most cases, Zanu PF uses housing cooperatives named after the fallen and departed nationalists and heroes to illegally acquire and parcel out land to home seekers.

Masasi said only the city council had the authority to allocate land in the capital.

“The city has come up with a new housing policy, where it is going to superintend over servicing of the land, that is, the provision of water, sewer and the roads, but without putting the burden on the people,” he said.

“The city is going to use its professionals and equipment to do the servicing, but there will be an administration fee to be paid to the city. What we are simply saying is that we are going to avail the land with people paying an intrinsic value of the land and they contribute towards the servicing.”


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