Lumumba says quitting ‘corrupt’ Zanu PF

OUTSPOKEN Zanu PF activist and Harare businessman Acie Lumumba has quit the ruling party, saying it has become “too divided, too corrupt and … out of touch with the reality”.

Finally seen the light? ... Acie Lumumba

Finally seen the light? … Acie Lumumba

The development comes after Lumumba publicly condemned Zanu PF corruption, especially citing empowerment minister Patrick Zhuwao who is also President Robert Mugabe’s nephew.

Lumumba said he was keenly aware that life outside Zanu PF which he joined about two years ago could be tough but believes he can survive.

He was Zanu PF Harare province’s deputy secretary of tourism and environment and once served as chairperson of Zimbabwe Youth Council and board chairperson of Youth Empowerment Committee before he was fired by Zhuwao last month.

He also contested the 2013 elections as a Zanu candidate for Hatfield constituency and lost.

In a two paged resignation letter addressed to Zanu PF Harare provincial chairperson Charles Tavengwa, Lumumba said he leaves Zanu PF “a broken hearted man as the party no longer serves the interest of the people, is too divided, too corrupt and too out of touch with the reality.”

He said he joined the party believing it could deliver change and empower ordinary people in the country but had since been disappointed.

“I am leaving the party Cde chairman,” he wrote.

“I cannot continue being part of a system that is destroying its own children; fails to care for its elders doesn’t honour its service-men and, most importantly, doesn’t allow youths to grow and flourish – youths who, twenty years from now, will need to know how to guide this country forward.”

Lumumba also blamed the ruling party for the country’s many problems.

“We collect taxes from regular people to pay huge salaries to corrupt and incompetent parastatal company managers; we collect exorbitant duties and kill local manufactures.

“We speak of empowerment but do not fix the structural issues without which empowerment is economically impossible.”


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