Maridadi pledges motion to impeach Mugabe

MDC-T’s Mabvuku-Tafara MP, James Maridadi, has pledged to move a motion in parliament to impeach President Robert Mugabe saying Zimbabwe must take a leaf from South Africa because the 92 year old leader has now completely failed the nation.

mugabe-memes-2In an interview with The Zimbabwean on the sidelines of the belated World Press Freedom Day Commemorations held in Gweru over the weekend, Maridadi said he plans to bring the motion to impeach President Mugabe in parliament soon.
“It is an open secret that majority of Zimbabweans and opposition parties have been talking of the need to impeach President Mugabe. I am personally one of the people who actually think President Mugabe must be impeached and so I am going to walk the talk,” said the MP.
Maridadi said on top of being too old to lead a country, recent developments have further justified that President Mugabe is now incapable of occupying his position.
“We have cases where the President has fallen in public and went on to explain that he actually does fall many times at his home which means he is no longer fit. His wife has also featured in public saying people say she is ambitious and wants to be leader of the country not knowing that she is already leading.
“That meant President Mugabe has been incapacitated. Then there is the issue of the missing $15 billion and now the economy that the government has failed to rig as shown by the direction we are now taking which will lead to re-introduction of the Zimbabwean dollar in the name of bond notes. All this gives me motivation to lead processes that allow President Mugabe to be impeached,” he said.
The outspoken legislator dismissed assertions that any processes to impeach President Mugabe will fail on the basis that his Zanu (PF) party holds majority in parliament.
“The voting to impeach President Mugabe will be done in secret ballot. I know of the majority of Zanu (PF) MPs who are fed up of Mugabe and so the party’s two thirds majority holding in parliament will not save the ageing leader,” said Maridadi.
Last month, Peace Marangwanda, a UK-based political commentator spoke at length about the need to impeach President Mugabe. The MDC-T and People’s Democratic Party President Tendai Biti have also echoed the same sentiments.

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