Magaya – Kasukuwere proposed 46,000 House Construction Project

When Border Gezi died in April 2001Elliot Manyika decided to inherit his wife together with the entire province of Mashonaland Central. Manyika dynasty did not last for long he died in a road accident while travelling to Gwanda in December 2008.

kasukuwere2Comrade Shamu took over following the death of Manyika but was later terminated from Zanu PF because of his excessive love of G40 faction. Mr. Mugabe appointed Mr. Kasukuwere to the position of national commissar. Not only did Kasukuwere inherit Mashonaland Province, but the ‘double portion’ of the evil spirit of the late comrade Manyika too.

In my previous article, I warned Mr. Mugabe and Grace to be careful because Mr. Kasukuwere is only after power and is capable of overthrowing them or even assassinating the Zanu PF president (who was given power by NIKUV).

The Zanu PF dictator seems to have waken from his deep slumber with respect to the way he views Kasukuwere. Mugabe attacked Kasukuwere during the recent politburo meeting, something the oldest working president in the world does to a minister or ZANU PF official who has lost his favor. Kasukuwere must be a very worried man. The gloves are off, yet again, between the ZANU PF leader and his commissar, like Border Gezi, Shamu and Manyika before.

Mr. Kasukuwere is in trouble! It once happened to Professor Basikiti in the politburo meeting and he was accused of being in the wrong basket by Mr. Mugabe. Where is Basikiti now? Mr. Kasukuwere may be forced out of Zanu PF and/or even forced to join his predecessors (the late Border Gezi and Elliot Manyika) in hell.

Mr. Kasukuwere is the man behind Joyce Mujuru’s problems with Mr. Mugabe, he is the man behind the death of Amos Midzi and Goche’s ill heath.

Should We Blame Kasukuwere On Walter Magaya-Land Saga?

Zimbabweans should know that Kasukuwere was following the instructions from Zanu PF when he gave the grabbed land to the Man of God Magaya. Mr. Mugabe knew it but what is in play now is the friction between lacoste and G40.

The situation on the ground supports the view that Walter Magaya is a Zanu PF member under G40 faction. Just like Kasukuwere and Basikiti, Walter Magaya is in serious trouble and the members of his church should consider fasting and praying for 40 days and 4 hours 30minutes for the sake of their controversial Man of God.

Mr. Mugabe is now convinced that Magaya and Kasukuwere store public land but some hard questions maybe asked; where was Mr. Mugabe when the alleged deal was signed? Who is the immediate supervisor of Kasukuwere? Mr. Magaya was quoted by the media thanking Zanu PF government for providing him with land. If the agreement was only between Kasukuwere and Magaya why then did the prophet express his gratitude to the government?

The behavior of prophet Magaya over on the land saga clearly indicates consent between Zanu PF government and the man of God.

Walter Magaya’s Construction Project Is A Zanu PF Election Rigging Strategy

Magaya’s construction project had the blessing of G40 crew and their main aim is to destroy the support base of MDC-T in urban areas especially in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare.

The construction project is targeting to build 46,000 houses in some major cities of Zimbabwe. The aim is that at least each household may be forced to provide 5 votes for Zanu PF. The construction project is targeting to generate more than 230,000 voters for Zanu PF in MDC-T controlled urban areas.

In Harare alone Prophet Magaya is supposed to construct 20,000 houses and if this is multiplied by 5 voters per family, Zanu PF is likely to generate more than 100,000 voters. Hon. Nyanhongo used the same strategy in Harare and it worked. The aim of the project is to make sure that Zanu PF will be able to win votes in Harare by at least 51% or more. In Bulawayo Zanu PF is expecting to win at least 25% of the vote.

The long and short of it is that Magaya’s so-called housing construction project is another NIKUV in the making and should be denounced. If Magaya wants to purchase land in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare he should approach the city fathers just like any other citizen and not Kasukuwere or G40.

G40’s aim is to hide behind the bible while eying for 2018 elections. However, Walter Magaya failed to get support from lacoste for his project to take off.

Don Chigumba is a Political Activist Based In South Africa

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